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Occult Phenomena Investigation Unit is an internet video series, created and directed by Clayton Sandford head of Frontline International Films. It mainly explores around a group of people fighting against Occultist activity, The Supernatural and the UNKNOWN. 

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Occult Phenoma Investigation Unit (OPIU) is lead by Stefan Forenza who fights against the Unknown. With help for police liason Inspector Daniel Seymour and his forenisic officer Jack, Stefan leads the fight against Vampires, Witches, Werewolves and all manner of supernatural and occult activities. 

The series was created by Clayton Sandford while living on the Grand Union Canal in Middlesex where he had ideas and dreams of werewolves attacking people on the canal's towpath and worked towards putting together OPIU from this, On the 3rd July 2013 Episode 1 of Series 1 - The Lady by the Lake was uploaded to Youtube both begin directed and written by Clayton Sandford, and with great success Episode 2- On A Clear Black Night followed on 21st July  2014.

As of September 2015, Frontline International Films extended the series with 2 more episodes to close it of with a bang.

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Series 1 Episode List
1.1- The Lady by the Lake
1.2 On A Clear Black Night
1.3-The Lair of Evil
 1.4- Armegeddon
1.5- The Coming Dawn
1.6- Rampage Infernal
1.7- The Enemy Within
1.8- The Cries of the Aqueduct

1.9- The Shadows (Feature Length Series Finale)

Season 2Edit

Season 2 is due to be filmed in 2016 and will feature a feature length episode revisiting Episode 1,2 and 3 along side a Premiere episode to tie up the last season.


There have been many characters in OPIU from leads to extras, click a name below to get more info 

Stefan Forenza

Jack Daniels

Inspector Daniel Seymour

Agent Kitty East

Lieutenant Thorn

The Master Vampire




Inspector Carling 

OPIU Tactical Force 

Mike Cortaza

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